8 Weeks and Counting!

Have some goals, post them, chase them. That is my plan currently. Time to get serious about creating my perfect freedom lifestyle. It has taken so many years to get to the point of clarity and feeling what it takes to create my own reality.

For Erin and I it starts with kicking some major ass these next eight weeks before we travel to the Dominican Republic for an awesome time on the beach with Sound Tribe Sector 9 (STS9). In the next few weeks we have so many things to accomplish. What are they? That is the hard part, determining what it is you truly want to gain from each waking day’s experiences. For so long our goals were clouded and unclear due to each weekend completing absolutely nothing for ourselves but a bad pattern. Go to a show, have fun, feel like shit the next day (or two as we get older LOL).

NO MORE! Commitment begins when the fun stops! There is still fun to be had, but it is a different type of fun. I am not running from life, I am conquering life. In order to conquer my life I must work hard toward my goals and achieve them. Start our business, gain clients, get physically, spiritually, emotionally STRONG!!

Action is required and here I am, sitting down to write this out for me, for my future, for creation of my freedom lifestyle. Work hard every day towards your goals. But first, determine what they truly are.

If money and time were not obstacles to your perfect life, what would that perfect life look like to YOU? Start from there and create your goals around that.



Author: Ryan W Regier

Looking for a change in life, once again. Ready for more travel and less 9-5. Time for Action!

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