Time is not precious. Right now is.


This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 9

Oh boy do I see a pattern here. How to manage my time incorporating business and pleasure while on the path of travel I live? (I am sticking with the present tense here, helps with the FEELING of living my ideal lifestyle.)

Time management is the recurring theme for sure. I want to play hard but need to get some work done. What to do?

Here we sit in Aveiro, Portugal watching the moliceiros float by as we enjoy the beautiful weather. The scenery of this little gem in Portugal is beautiful with the bright colors we love so much. It is warm this time of year (June with temps around 70 F) and we love us some warm weather. We left Denver back in November and have not looked back yet. Business is booming and we are living the true freedom lifestyle we desired not so long ago. It is happening!


Today I spent three hours working for my client’s continued success. The day started with 30 minutes of yoga/stretching followed by 15 minutes of meditation and then breakfast with my love on our amazing hotel balcony. We have a view overlooking the canals and just cannot get enough of the city.

Once we ate breakfast it was time for some dedicated work. I always start with 25 minutes of social media correspondence to follow up with those that communicated with me the day before. Done and done, that is all it took. 25 minutes.

My second 25 minute block of dedicated work required a bit of learning about a new client and what his business does. I am responsible for keeping up with many social media platforms for multiple clients but I set my business up to run for itself any time possible. In this case, learning is fun. I enjoy learning new things and I very much enjoy learning new things while having amazing views. This is what life is all about!!

After two more 25 minute segments of working on management of other client platforms it was time to get out and about in the city seeking out some lunch. This city is indescribable. Unique architecture with minimal tourists compared to many other cities in the country. We wonder the streets and find a different lunch spot than before. We take our sweet time, two hours, to eat lunch because we only have one more hour segment of work required for our day.

Yesterday we took city tours and floated around with minimal work requirements. Today is more work and still time to enjoy a leisurely lunch. It is all about enjoying the moment and taking time to appreciate the great gift of life. In order to success with my business I have taken up the mantra, “DO IT NOW!” Now is THE best time to get done what needs to be done for the day. Don’t procrastinate. Don’t waste time on shenanigans that do not serve me. Get done now what will accomplish the goal.

Win the day!




Author: Ryan W Regier

Looking for a change in life, once again. Ready for more travel and less 9-5. Time for Action!

2 thoughts on “DO IT NOW!”

  1. I was so thankful to go to a job today that I enjoy. I work with nice folks. After 18 years of “hiatus” raising our children I felt blessed a few years ago to again be employed and returning to the work force. A mother who works sets an example for her children to be hard workers and enjoy it! I saw that in both your mum and dad, Ryan! (Your mum and pops worked in their “youth.” My retirement was in my “mid-youth” and now I’m working.)


  2. Thank you for the reply, Candy. And thank you for reading. I am striving to start my own freedom lifestyle business that will allow Erin and I to travel the world while making money. We will work hard to make that happen! Hope you guys are all doing well!


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