Sunday Funday!

My Sunday adventure was grand!



Sunday was a great day in the Mile High City. It started with a wonderful morning spending time with Erin as she got ready for work. We walked Penelope and it was a clear blue morning with few other dogs around. Penelope is our protector and other dogs have to step off when she is on the streets. We have to steer clear of other animals or else hear the screechy bark of this little seven pound ball of fury.

I drove Erin to work and wished her well before I visited the YMCA for some yoga with our amazing instructor Nicole from Nurturing Employee Wellness. Nicole kicks our butt regularly and this is what I do for enjoyment on a nice Sunday morning. No more feeling hungover on Sundays because yoga is just too darn important!

From yoga I walked over to Civic Center Park and met up with those smiling faces you see above. The physical body got a workout and so too does the spiritual body. Our fearless leader, Christian R Long (Denver’s Energy Healer), puts together a weekly free meditation as part of his Master Choa Kuk Sui (MCKS) Pranic Healing meetup group. The group is great and we learn so much from Christian each week. I totally understand the saying, “When the student is ready, the teacher appears,” after spending a few classes with him.

I started believing there was more to meets the eye in this physical experience about six years ago. After growing up in the Episcopal Church I was not excited about organized religion and really fell out of touch with all things religious/spiritual for many years. My mind began to open again while reading books about near death experiences (NDEs), numerology, various channels (Seth, Abraham), and gaining new life experiences outside of my “normal” group of friends.

Many years later I find Christian and Pranic Healing and it fits just right for me. The teachings make sense and the lessons correspond so well to the other information I have read, listened to, and sought out for quite a few years.Having a teacher is very much necessary and I see the benefits in my own life.

I now understand how important self care is and will continue to grow physically and spiritually with these Sunday Funday activities. My how times change lol. Going from partying every weekend to spending Saturday nights working on weekly schedules and meal plans with Sunday yoga and meditation. Finding true freedom and winning in life the way I want takes hard work and realizing what it takes to success does not include alcohol and drugs. Real growth starts when the fun stops, however everything is fun when you are ready for a true change.

After meditation it was time to feed the homeless. We all walk over to McDonald’s and grab some burgers to hand out to those in need. The burgers are blessed and we take the time to help a few people where we can. When I first started this with the group a few months ago it was difficult for me to tackle the task of giving. Now it feels natural.

Once we concluded our group time I walked back to McD’s to grab a french fry for myself. While in line there was an old man asking the cashier for some mercy and a free burger. Of course the man said no but I felt the urge to help out the gentleman and bought him some lunch. We ate our food together at the restaurant and just talked.

Tattoo Billy just got out of jail for the umpteenth time and was trying to get back to his family in Edgewater. He broke down multiple times during our conversation and was very grateful for a friend in the moment. I gave him a ride out to Edgewater and just spent some time listening to the old man that has lived quite a few years on the streets. It seems there is a bunch of people living on the streets in that area for much if not all of their lives. Billy tries to take care of all those that he can in that community and he ends up getting busted for shop lifting frequently trying to feed his family and friends. Billy takes care of all.

If real change will happen in the world it starts with me. Be the change I want to see in the world. I cannot make anyone do anything but I can do good whenever faced with the choice to do so. The higher teachings are based on service to others. We become closer to God as we take care of those human beings (or any creature) around us. Take care of each other and do something good for someone else. It is not that hard and we can all lift each other up instead of breaking each other down. Be grateful, if you are reading this then you are likely not like Billy and have many thanks to give.

I look forward to continuing on this journey toward my true freedom. I win this day!


This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 8

Author: Ryan W Regier

Looking for a change in life, once again. Ready for more travel and less 9-5. Time for Action!

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