Where’s my Tribe?

“I will seek wisdom. I will choose my friends with care.” Andy Andrews


You are who you surround yourself with. Never a truer statement. Surround yourself with amazing people and you too can become amazing. Hang out with negative people all the time and watch out for what manifests next.

As I evaluate those that I spend my time with some changes have occurred lately. If travel and a freedom lifestyle are what I desire then I should be hanging out with/following those currently living that way or those striving for that in their life.

This process began for me very recently and I have begun to take action. My twitter feed is now full of travel bloggers, travel writers, etc. and will continue to be attracted to those that are pursuing similar things to what I want in my life. Freedom to go as I please, make money while I travel, and help others.

It is tough to find those types around me physically, however there are many to choose from in the virtual world at my fingertips. I would like to ask Nicole from the Freedom Junkies group the following question:

  1. How do you manage your daily social media management business tasks on a day when you are moving from location to location?
  2. What does your schedule look like for the first three hours of your day? This is my most productive time of the day and would love to learn what your day looks like as I strive to begin a successful SMM business.

I recently joined the Freedom Junkies group and am inspired to start my own social media management business (with the one and only, beautiful, Erin!) so that I may travel the world, spread the message of freedom, and help others. Nicole is rather easy to reach on line and I can definitely ask her these questions, so I better just go ahead and do so. Thank you for the inspiration to get me moving toward finding a mentor, #10DBC!

This is just the beginning in my quest toward freedom. I understand it takes quite some time but I feel the passion inside myself having found a glimpse of clarity and striving to maintain that clarity.

On a personal note, I found myself a bit off course this weekend in terms of my THC use. I felt distracted, clouded in the mind, and overall not flying on my highest disk (as discussed by Abraham Hicks) when I was high. Learning and acknowledging how I feel when in the moment(s) is a big plus. The inaction that arises from being high is exactly what I do not want. Time to kick some ass this week and work hard on the tasks that will get me to freedom!



Author: Ryan W Regier

Looking for a change in life, once again. Ready for more travel and less 9-5. Time for Action!

One thought on “Where’s my Tribe?”

  1. I reached out to Nicole on FB and asked question #2 above. She replied! Not too much time spent on work once the freedom business is fully up and running. That is awesome. Give me two years and no more working, let the machine run and win the day with ease!


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