I have Superpowers!

Day 4 of the #10DBC #freedomplan and it is a good one. Time to start thinking about what my business will look like that propels me to the freedom lifestyle I see for myself. Today I am tasked with discussing the superpowers that can be used for this purpose. Finding the intersection of what I enjoy doing, what I am good at doing, and what people will pay me to do equates to the business I desire.

What am I good at? After many years of university I developed powerful research capabilities along with the ability to write about the work and easily convey the results to readers. I was trained to dig into scientific literature and formulate new ideas toward my objective of deeper understanding. I did not enjoy reading and writing about steel but I can translate that into other realms. I currently research many different business cases in my role as a contact center operations specialist. You need information about a certain topic and I can find that information, determine an answer, and write you a summary. These skills will be used in my freedom business and I enjoy learning about new places, cultures, lifestyles, travel routes, etc. I got this!

I enjoy learning about people, where they come from, their life experiences, and interacting with them on a deeper level. Writing about these interaction on my blog will allow me to share these stories with the world and spread the message of love and peace. We are one. We are here for the same reasons. To experience physical incarnation and grow closer to God. I remember multiple interactions with Khmer people during our travels in Cambodia and how their stories of the Khmer Rouge’s destruction in the country affected me like nothing before. An entire country affected by madness of a few. Most everyone alive in that country today knows someone/had a relative lost in that time. Being able to share those stories with others reading across the world can affect change and reduce the likelihood of something like that happening again. Knowledge and awareness are power. I can spread awareness with the written word.

I enjoy helping others. As Erin and I consider what our #freedomplan looks like we see many opportunities in the realm of social media management. We are decent and will get so much better at technology and social media that we will be able to help others grow/manage their online presence and customers that it will be a joy, not work, to develop this business together. We are here to serve and will make our own path in doing so. Love you Erin! Let’s do this! We are good at many things and now is the time for action. DO IT NOW!! That is the mantra moving forward. Here I am doing it now and enjoying every moment. This is not work, this is fun! You all can do it too!

Leave me a comment below, what are your superpowers? What do you enjoy and how can you use that to contribute to the world everyday as you move forward in this life? Do not squander this gift of life, get our there and do what you love and love what you do. No reason just to work for a paycheck to pay rent. Let’s inspire each other to follow that dream, follow that passion deep down. Now is your time!

Be the WON!

See you on the traveling path!

Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 4




Author: Ryan W Regier

Looking for a change in life, once again. Ready for more travel and less 9-5. Time for Action!

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