Why do you do what you do?

Great question to ask yourself when considering, well, anything really. “Why do you want to go out to eat?” “Why do you want to watch that TV show?” “Why do you want to go to college?”

In my case the questions go something like this,”Why do you want to escape the normal 9-5 lifestyle?” “Why do you want to travel more and sit still less?” “Why do you want to be your own boss?”

Now the answers are not that easy to verbalize but the feelings and goals exist. With some reflection and internal discussion we can find some real answers to the question, “Why?”

Why do I want to live the freedom lifestyle? To control my life fully and show others that it is possible so that we may all find true freedom. To  be my own boss and succeed so that I may travel when I want and broaden my perspective of the world. To work when I want so that I may have more experiences in life. To take the lessons I learn and help others realize that they are not meant to work just to pay the bills so that they can follow their true passions. We are not placed on this earth to live in the rat race. Follow your passion and true freedom follows. Happiness exists inside of us and is not found outside of us. Traveling more will allow me share this knowledge and to learn other’s perspective on this message.

Why do I want to write in this blog right now? To share my true self with others so that they may have the courage to be theirs. We all participate in the creation of this life and we can all pursue our biggest goals, passions, and dreams.

Be the change you want to see in the world. It is our time to stand up and be that change. For me, it starts with action toward making my own path. That path includes traveling the world. I want to visit 10 countries in 2017. I want to visit my friends Paul and Carla in New Zealand in 2017. It will happen!!

In the meantime, LOVE EACH OTHER!


This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 2



Author: Ryan W Regier

Looking for a change in life, once again. Ready for more travel and less 9-5. Time for Action!

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