What Holds Me Back…..

Honesty will win this day!


Great questions to ask me at this time. It seems like I start and stop, back and forth, to an fro with my wants, desires, and ideas about how to get out of the 9-5 lifestyle to travel again and what I want to accomplish on my own terms.


One major item in my life that has caused so much inaction is marijuana. After almost 15 years of daily use I am realizing that smoking marijuana does not serve me. Now I know some in my life would have a big “I told you so,” statement about this topic but I have to figure these things out on my own.

As I start to look deeper into myself, thanks in large part to my amazing girlfriend Erin, I begin to see so many areas needing improvement. Removing daily use of marijuana from my life has allowed me to stick to a good schedule of stretching, yoga, meditation, and better eating habits. All of these things are contributing to a better me that can ask my true self bigger questions and actually find some answers.

If I was high right now I would not be writing this blog post. It truly takes a desire for change and ACTION to make the change you want to see in your own life. Erin has shown me how that is possible and we are striving to be better for ourselves and each other every day. My daily course of action now includes resisting the urge to get high, visit my journal (and now blog posts!), and have a DO IT NOW mentality for whatever needs to get done.

Indecisiveness is a big challenge for me. I tend to get a little wishy washy in my decision-making and it can cause some difficulties in my life, especially in my relationships. I struggle to commit to a decision.  This needs to change.

A book that resonates powerfully in my life is The Traveler’s Gift by Andy Andrews (big thanks to MB for gifting me this book!). In it, the quote, “Successful people make their decisions quickly and change their minds slowly,” resonates with me. Also, “failures make their decisions slowly and change their minds quickly.” Remembering these quotes can provide me with the personal motivation to improve my decision-making and stick with those decisions when made, no more back and forth!

I recite the seven decisions that determine personal success from the book often. When looking at the above quotes I understand that decision-making is a skill that can be learned, practiced, and be a driver towards my success. I made the decision to be up and working on my blog work at 8 am on a Saturday. This is the change I want to see in myself and overcoming the challenge of indecisiveness, DO IT NOW. TAKE ACTION.

Happy Saturday everyone! Get out there and do what you love, shine your bright light, and be happy!

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 1



Follow Your Intuition

Do what feels right.

Do you wake up every day excited for the job? No?  Change it!

Follow what makes you feel good, in your body and your heart. If it does not feel good then stop doing it.

Do not say, “Yea but…..”

Just make a change that feels good. Lead a life like that and you will be happy.

Thank you Erin for the inspirational FB post yesterday. It took me longer than anticipated to say that and post it here, but THANK YOU!

Go see her smiling face at the link above!

8 Weeks and Counting!

Have some goals, post them, chase them. That is my plan currently. Time to get serious about creating my perfect freedom lifestyle. It has taken so many years to get to the point of clarity and feeling what it takes to create my own reality.

For Erin and I it starts with kicking some major ass these next eight weeks before we travel to the Dominican Republic for an awesome time on the beach with Sound Tribe Sector 9 (STS9). In the next few weeks we have so many things to accomplish. What are they? That is the hard part, determining what it is you truly want to gain from each waking day’s experiences. For so long our goals were clouded and unclear due to each weekend completing absolutely nothing for ourselves but a bad pattern. Go to a show, have fun, feel like shit the next day (or two as we get older LOL).

NO MORE! Commitment begins when the fun stops! There is still fun to be had, but it is a different type of fun. I am not running from life, I am conquering life. In order to conquer my life I must work hard toward my goals and achieve them. Start our business, gain clients, get physically, spiritually, emotionally STRONG!!

Action is required and here I am, sitting down to write this out for me, for my future, for creation of my freedom lifestyle. Work hard every day towards your goals. But first, determine what they truly are.

If money and time were not obstacles to your perfect life, what would that perfect life look like to YOU? Start from there and create your goals around that.


You Are My Favorite!

Yea, you!

This 10 day challenge pushed my to start. To start thinking more clearly about the freedom lifestyle I desire, to start FEELING it. I feel great. I am great. It takes passion and commitment to make the change you desire in your life and I want it bad. Don’t get me wrong, life is great. But it can be greater and it can be anything each of us desires. It takes clarity to learn and understand what it is that we all truly desire. It has taken me many years of searching to realize and remember that I hold the key.  The key had to be placed in a different door inside myself and unlock the passion for something more that was hidden. It is hidden no more!

Day 10, wow, made it to the end. This may be the first “challenge” I have completed in quite some time. What was my favorite part? Hands down was my trip to Phu Quoc, Vietnam. In that day’s challenge I felt the feeling of travel again. It has been almost 18 months since Erin and I returned from SE Asia. My goodness how time flies. Writing that blog post was a great refresher for that feeling of true freedom. I have learned so many things about myself and my relationship in the past 6-12 months that I see how different my next traveling adventures will be.

I have a purpose. To help others find their true freedom so that they may live their lives to the fullest each and every day. How will I help them? Through my social media management business. The mission is clear and now is the time for action. Erin is pushing me along on this mission and I am pushing her. Together we will become the power couple we are destined to become. Nothing will hold us back. We will work hard now for these goals and we will work hard every day after that to continuously improve ourselves and our businesses.

A major hurdle for me lately, which was also brought up in this blog challenge, is dealing with my patterns that need to be released as they no longer serve me. Marijuana use does not help me move forward in life. It holds me back. It has not been easy dealing with this realization and dealing with myself but the time has come for me to step into my power (thanks Erin for the inspiration by you watching those videos next to me, I can’t help but learn from them). This is a huge time for all of us. As you can see the world around us is going a bit crazy but with some awareness and clarity we can find our path. My path is writing my own ticket for me, not for anyone else. Time to let go of the old and embrace the new.

It matters none to me who is in positions of power. I hold the power to my life and no one else. I feel more powerful now than ever before. Today I woke up feeling kinda blah but with the help my partner the day was a win. Be grateful for the days we all have together. Get out there and spread your light, let it shine. Share that positivity that exists inside of you with others so that they may do the same. Let no one bring you down!

I enjoyed each and every one of these challenge days. Give it a try and see the results in just 10 days. Thank you Natalie for the inspiration I needed to get this done and thank you Erin for pushing me in all the ways needed. I love you Erin Stiteler!

This blog will continue. These words flow out of me easily now. Until next time, get out there and win the day!

If you want to win, YOU gotta be the won!!

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 10




Time is not precious. Right now is.

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 9

Oh boy do I see a pattern here. How to manage my time incorporating business and pleasure while on the path of travel I live? (I am sticking with the present tense here, helps with the FEELING of living my ideal lifestyle.)

Time management is the recurring theme for sure. I want to play hard but need to get some work done. What to do?

Here we sit in Aveiro, Portugal watching the moliceiros float by as we enjoy the beautiful weather. The scenery of this little gem in Portugal is beautiful with the bright colors we love so much. It is warm this time of year (June with temps around 70 F) and we love us some warm weather. We left Denver back in November and have not looked back yet. Business is booming and we are living the true freedom lifestyle we desired not so long ago. It is happening!


Today I spent three hours working for my client’s continued success. The day started with 30 minutes of yoga/stretching followed by 15 minutes of meditation and then breakfast with my love on our amazing hotel balcony. We have a view overlooking the canals and just cannot get enough of the city.

Once we ate breakfast it was time for some dedicated work. I always start with 25 minutes of social media correspondence to follow up with those that communicated with me the day before. Done and done, that is all it took. 25 minutes.

My second 25 minute block of dedicated work required a bit of learning about a new client and what his business does. I am responsible for keeping up with many social media platforms for multiple clients but I set my business up to run for itself any time possible. In this case, learning is fun. I enjoy learning new things and I very much enjoy learning new things while having amazing views. This is what life is all about!!

After two more 25 minute segments of working on management of other client platforms it was time to get out and about in the city seeking out some lunch. This city is indescribable. Unique architecture with minimal tourists compared to many other cities in the country. We wonder the streets and find a different lunch spot than before. We take our sweet time, two hours, to eat lunch because we only have one more hour segment of work required for our day.

Yesterday we took city tours and floated around with minimal work requirements. Today is more work and still time to enjoy a leisurely lunch. It is all about enjoying the moment and taking time to appreciate the great gift of life. In order to success with my business I have taken up the mantra, “DO IT NOW!” Now is THE best time to get done what needs to be done for the day. Don’t procrastinate. Don’t waste time on shenanigans that do not serve me. Get done now what will accomplish the goal.

Win the day!




Sunday Funday!

My Sunday adventure was grand!


Sunday was a great day in the Mile High City. It started with a wonderful morning spending time with Erin as she got ready for work. We walked Penelope and it was a clear blue morning with few other dogs around. Penelope is our protector and other dogs have to step off when she is on the streets. We have to steer clear of other animals or else hear the screechy bark of this little seven pound ball of fury.

I drove Erin to work and wished her well before I visited the YMCA for some yoga with our amazing instructor Nicole from Nurturing Employee Wellness. Nicole kicks our butt regularly and this is what I do for enjoyment on a nice Sunday morning. No more feeling hungover on Sundays because yoga is just too darn important!

From yoga I walked over to Civic Center Park and met up with those smiling faces you see above. The physical body got a workout and so too does the spiritual body. Our fearless leader, Christian R Long (Denver’s Energy Healer), puts together a weekly free meditation as part of his Master Choa Kuk Sui (MCKS) Pranic Healing meetup group. The group is great and we learn so much from Christian each week. I totally understand the saying, “When the student is ready, the teacher appears,” after spending a few classes with him.

I started believing there was more to meets the eye in this physical experience about six years ago. After growing up in the Episcopal Church I was not excited about organized religion and really fell out of touch with all things religious/spiritual for many years. My mind began to open again while reading books about near death experiences (NDEs), numerology, various channels (Seth, Abraham), and gaining new life experiences outside of my “normal” group of friends.

Many years later I find Christian and Pranic Healing and it fits just right for me. The teachings make sense and the lessons correspond so well to the other information I have read, listened to, and sought out for quite a few years.Having a teacher is very much necessary and I see the benefits in my own life.

I now understand how important self care is and will continue to grow physically and spiritually with these Sunday Funday activities. My how times change lol. Going from partying every weekend to spending Saturday nights working on weekly schedules and meal plans with Sunday yoga and meditation. Finding true freedom and winning in life the way I want takes hard work and realizing what it takes to success does not include alcohol and drugs. Real growth starts when the fun stops, however everything is fun when you are ready for a true change.

After meditation it was time to feed the homeless. We all walk over to McDonald’s and grab some burgers to hand out to those in need. The burgers are blessed and we take the time to help a few people where we can. When I first started this with the group a few months ago it was difficult for me to tackle the task of giving. Now it feels natural.

Once we concluded our group time I walked back to McD’s to grab a french fry for myself. While in line there was an old man asking the cashier for some mercy and a free burger. Of course the man said no but I felt the urge to help out the gentleman and bought him some lunch. We ate our food together at the restaurant and just talked.

Tattoo Billy just got out of jail for the umpteenth time and was trying to get back to his family in Edgewater. He broke down multiple times during our conversation and was very grateful for a friend in the moment. I gave him a ride out to Edgewater and just spent some time listening to the old man that has lived quite a few years on the streets. It seems there is a bunch of people living on the streets in that area for much if not all of their lives. Billy tries to take care of all those that he can in that community and he ends up getting busted for shop lifting frequently trying to feed his family and friends. Billy takes care of all.

If real change will happen in the world it starts with me. Be the change I want to see in the world. I cannot make anyone do anything but I can do good whenever faced with the choice to do so. The higher teachings are based on service to others. We become closer to God as we take care of those human beings (or any creature) around us. Take care of each other and do something good for someone else. It is not that hard and we can all lift each other up instead of breaking each other down. Be grateful, if you are reading this then you are likely not like Billy and have many thanks to give.

I look forward to continuing on this journey toward my true freedom. I win this day!


This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 8

Action Jackson!

You are not tired but rather uninspired! Scratch that, I am inspired and ready for action. Today’s lesson: Do NOT procrastinate! How to best resist procrastination?

Imperfect action……every day! It does not matter how big or small the action. When the feelings of fear or being overwhelmed arise, do not let them strike you down. Persist without exception and take small steps, even imperfect ones, towards the goal and winning the day.

In order for me to maintain the momentum I have moving me toward my freedom plan I have to stay positive and clear. Staying positive keeps me on or near my high flying disk. My thoughts control my emotions, so take control of my thoughts! With control of my thoughts I can also control my action each day.

For the next 30 days I will dedicate one hour per day to social media management work. I have yet to begin in depth discovery of what it takes to become/succeed in the world of social media management (SMM) but now is my time!

What does one hour per day look like? I typically spend my lunch hour at work in a non productive state. Time for an inspired call to action where I use my down time at work dedicated to learning more about my freedom plan of creating our own SMM business. I will use 30 minutes of my lunch to read about SMM and improve my knowledge of the topic. After work I will walk the dog, gather the dinner needs (which are already purchased during our weekend planning), and then spend another 30 minutes (or more!) dedicated to learning and implementing a SMM business plan.

Boom! Now that is what I am talking about. 60 full minutes of SMM work every day for the next 30 days (and beyond, of course) to move me in the direction of the freedom lifestyle I desire.


Where’s my Tribe?

“I will seek wisdom. I will choose my friends with care.” Andy Andrews

You are who you surround yourself with. Never a truer statement. Surround yourself with amazing people and you too can become amazing. Hang out with negative people all the time and watch out for what manifests next.

As I evaluate those that I spend my time with some changes have occurred lately. If travel and a freedom lifestyle are what I desire then I should be hanging out with/following those currently living that way or those striving for that in their life.

This process began for me very recently and I have begun to take action. My twitter feed is now full of travel bloggers, travel writers, etc. and will continue to be attracted to those that are pursuing similar things to what I want in my life. Freedom to go as I please, make money while I travel, and help others.

It is tough to find those types around me physically, however there are many to choose from in the virtual world at my fingertips. I would like to ask Nicole from the Freedom Junkies group the following question:

  1. How do you manage your daily social media management business tasks on a day when you are moving from location to location?
  2. What does your schedule look like for the first three hours of your day? This is my most productive time of the day and would love to learn what your day looks like as I strive to begin a successful SMM business.

I recently joined the Freedom Junkies group and am inspired to start my own social media management business (with the one and only, beautiful, Erin!) so that I may travel the world, spread the message of freedom, and help others. Nicole is rather easy to reach on line and I can definitely ask her these questions, so I better just go ahead and do so. Thank you for the inspiration to get me moving toward finding a mentor, #10DBC!

This is just the beginning in my quest toward freedom. I understand it takes quite some time but I feel the passion inside myself having found a glimpse of clarity and striving to maintain that clarity.

On a personal note, I found myself a bit off course this weekend in terms of my THC use. I felt distracted, clouded in the mind, and overall not flying on my highest disk (as discussed by Abraham Hicks) when I was high. Learning and acknowledging how I feel when in the moment(s) is a big plus. The inaction that arises from being high is exactly what I do not want. Time to kick some ass this week and work hard on the tasks that will get me to freedom!